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Vision :

Creating a path of excellence for the youth and the society through effective blend of management and professional education in tune with rich Indian heritage.

Mission :

1) To introduce various programmes in management.

2) To provide modern facilities of learnings.

3) To impad professional education with high standard at reasonable cost.

Objectives :

1) To develop students to cater for an excellent career at national and international level.

2) To provide professional management education through learning and training.

3) To increase required skills among the students to meet the needs of the industry.

The Strategic plan of the institution is multi-layered as well as multi-pronged that focuses on Expansion, Inclusion and Excellence (EIE). It incorporates short term, intermediate and long term policies to cater to the ever growing number of Higher Education aspirants resulting in the enhancement of Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) that will have positive impact on Human Development Index (HDI).

Improving the learning outcomes of the students

  1. Faculty training
  2. Staff training (Technical & Administrative staff)
  3. Increasing capacity PG educational programme (increasing enrolment and starting new UG, PG and PhD programmes)
  4. 4. Investing in smart classrooms, campus Wi-Fi, e-library etc.
  5. Instituting academic and non-academic reforms including NAAC, NBA accreditation, programme flexibility.
  6. Improving employability of the students.