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The Quality Policy of institution is to achieve excellence in teaching, research, student support, extension and consultancy, with social relevance. Institution assures quality education by process benchmarking, performance benchmarking and strategic benchmarking.


1) To develop a system for conscious and consistent catalytic action, to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.

2) To facilitate institutionalization of quality initiatives, for improvement of the academic and administrative performance of the college.


1) IQAC has evolved operational framework for quality assurance by integrating with all academic and administrative operations of the institution.

2) It associates closely with every academic operation of the institution to ensure that all operations have structured strategies and well-defined processes of delivery. This enables tangible measurement of performance, which will serve as reference for sustaining and improving quality of future initiatives.

3) It closely observes student support initiatives being delivered at various touch-points across the system, to identify deviations from student-centric approaches. Once such shortcomings are identified, the IQAC actively involves in the amendment and modification of processes/systems, communicates the same and also plays a key role in ensuring firm adherence to these modifications.

4) It also continuously validates the conformity between academic and administrative delivery, to ensure that there is no disconnect in comprehensive effectiveness.

Major Contributions

Organization of seminars, workshops and training programmes at institutional and national levels, for faculty, students and support staff, to enhance their functional efficiency. Development of course file with annexure on teaching plan, pedagogy and content, periodical academic audits, assessment plan and learner-centric activities help teachers benchmark the teaching-learning-evaluation process, help increase integration of ICT in teaching-learning and promote use of ICT, along with sensitization and training of faculty.