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Ideal Institute of Management practices student centric approach. Each student is given personal attention and grooming throughout his/her journey during the program. Our mechanism to identify different levels of students is two dimensional i.e. academic and communication.

Identification Process:

  1. a) Psychometric Tests:

Psychometric tests are scientific and standard measure to evaluate individual’s mental ability and behaviour style. To understand the learning ability of students. Psychometrics test (MBIT) is being conducted in the first semester to understand the learning ability of the students.

  1. b) Mentor’s observations:

The institute allots 15 students to each mentor who keeps in close touch with the allotted students and try to understand their academic and personal requisites in order to help and extend customized support.

  1. c) Class Tests:

These tests are conducted on a regular basis and the performance of students of different levels is evaluated by test scores.

 The students are identified in academics as slow learner and advance learner. Whereas in communication, we identify 3 levels of students as weak, moderate, and strong communicators.

Q 1 1
  • For academics following activities are conducted

For Slow Learners:

  1. Extra study material: Slow learner is provided with extra study material for in-depth study of the subjects where they need help.

  2. Remedial Classes: For quantitative subjects like Statistics and Accountancy where student’s finds difficulty, Institute arranges remedial classes to bring them at par with rest of the class.

  3. Special Mentoring: Students, who require motivation, personal attention and help in academics or in other areas, are encouraged and helped by the mentors.

  4. Motivational Classes: Motivation speakers are called to inspire students in their new journey from academic world to professional world.

  5. Career Counselling: Mentors, Head and Director guide students in selecting their specialisation on the basis of their area of inclination.

  6. Alumni Buddy System: To give personal touch of industry, students are allotted alumni mentors.

Advance Learners: The institute arranges professional guidance for career planning by giving exposure to students of real world conducting discussions seminars, motivating them to write and present case and research paper in internal and external seminars and conferences. These students are encouraged to be a part of co-curricular actives organised by the institute. Buddy system is equally applicable to advance learners.

Q 1 2
  • For Communication following activities are conducted

Weak Students: Students who are found to be weak in communication are given special attention during presentations, work book exercises are given to practice off classes. In class extempore, group discussions, square talks are regularly conducted. Finishing school program develops their non verbal communication abilities.

Moderate Students: Goal setting workshops, presentations, management movies and finishing school helps moderate students to develop various aspects of their communication skills.

Strong Students: Goal setting workshops, articulating abilities, professional business writing etc. activities help these students to achieve their dreams.

The progress of students are regularly observed though continuous assessment process.

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