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In our Ideal Institute our main focus and practice is on student’s centric learning. In the institute we support the management learning theory by applied experiential learning through following methods:

  1. a) Case Study Method:

The case study method is a main focus in our institute to enrich the management learning by analyzing the business problem and thereby gain the experiential learning to the students.

  1. b) Presentations:

Each students is assigned a topic and student present the topic prepare under the guidance of faculty. By giving presentations by the students he/she gains the experiential learning.

  1. c) On the Job (SIP):

It is mandatory that every student has to work in the company to acquire experiential learning. The institute provides 50 days summer internship where students undergo on the job learning under corporate mentor he/she comes back to the institute and prepares research projects under the guidance of academic mentor.

  1. d) Corporate social responsibility:

Corporate social responsibility is a statutory responsibility of every corporate. The institution practices experiential learning by taking students to the Old age home and orphan age homes, and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. By this experiential learning the student are sensitized for social responsibility and commitment to the national interest by experiential learning.

  1. e) Experiential learning from corporate:

In order to strengthen the theoretical learning of management, institute organizes guest lecturer of highly experienced corporate professionals. These highly experienced professionals shared their experience learning with students. This provides a laboratory of experience learning to the students.

  1. f) Collaborative learning:

To thrive peer learning, students are made to work in groups to solve specific case problems within a tight time frame. This not only encourages group learning but also helps in knowledge building of students.

  1. g) Live Projects:

Live projects are provided to develop employment abilities in students to provide industrial experience and insights. This is the most pragmatic way to apply management knowledge in real time environment.