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Admission Incharge

Note :

  1. Enter First Name Last Name of the person who is responsible for looking after Admission Procedure.
  2. Do not write Middle Name.
  3. Maximum 25 characters are allowed.
  4. Use proper Capitalization.
  5. In case you want to write Title such as Mr., Miss, Mrs, Dr, etc then add it before your first Name. But adding title is optional and is not recommended.
  6. Example : My first name is ‘Amol’ and last name is ‘Mirje’ so I will enter ‘Amol Mirje’ in this field. In case I wanted to add title I would have entered ‘ Mr. Amol Mirje’

Note :

  1. Upload HD quality image.
  2. Portrait mode image is expected.
  3. Dimensions : Width 362 pixels Height : 310 pixels
  4. Image Extensions Allowed : .jpg and .png
  5. Size should be less than 1 MB
  6. Resize image before uploading
  7. In case you do not upload image then a default placeholder image will be used.
  8. Warning : Do not upload scanned image.

Note :

  • We request you to specify a working mobile number.
  • Enter exactly 10-digit Mobile number
  • Do not include country code or the “+” symbol.
  • This should be your Official Mobile Number. In case you do not have official mobile number then you can enter your personal mobile number.
  • It is recommended that this mobile number should be available 24 by 7 and all calls coming on this number should be answered promptly.
  • Example : 9960333954
  • In case your mobile changes you are requested to login and update your mobile number.

Note : Write whatsapp number as mentioned here.

  • Do not add + symbol in the country code. 
  • Example: If your mobile number is 9960333954 then you should write
  • In this example first 2 digits i.e 91 is country code and the next 10 digits are mobile number.
  • Note that the country code is written without the + symbol.

Note : 

  • Specify valid email address.
  • Mention your Official email address. In case you do not have official email address then you can user your personal email address.
  • This email will be used by your website visitors to communicate with you, so make sure that you have proper login credientials and access to this email.
  • We recommed you to check this email at least twice a day.

Note : Enter the position number at which you want to display this content. Suppose you want to dispaly this content at position 1 then enter '1', in case you want to display it at position 5 then enter '5' and so on.